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영국 현지 원어민 인터넷 일대일 영어회화, 영국 현지 네이티브 영어회화, 인터넷 일대일 수업, 1대1 영어회화, 일대일 원어민 회화, 일대일 현지인 회화



Students will learn basic English speaking skills in order to communicate in the office environment and in situations that they will often be faced with in the business world. 



  • Introducing yourself to companies, colleagues and bosses.

  • Expressing thanks and apologies. 

  • Expressing agreement, disagreement and questions in a business meeting.

  • Talking about sales revenue, profits and forecasts.  

  • Talking to your colleagues about the economy, sports, politics, celebrities and news issues.

  • Inviting your colleagues for lunch, drinks or to watch sport. 

  • Congratulating your colleagues on birthdays and good news. 

  • Discussing and organizing meetings with customers. 

  • Claiming for hotel and flight expenses from the company.

영국 현지 원어민 인터넷 일대일 영어회화, 영국 현지 네이티브 영어회화, 인터넷 일대일 수업, 1대1 영어회화, 일대일 원어민 회화, 일대일 현지인 회화



Once you are confident in communicating about basic office issues, it’s time to learn and practice how to deal with situations requiring more complex language.



  • Reporting on a project status/result to your boss. 

  • Making a proposal to your boss about sales revenue increase plan. 

  • Introducing a new product or a brand new business proposal. 

  • Presenting your company products to the customer by highlighting the pros and cons in comparison with the competitor's products.

  • Reporting/Pointing out potential problems/Asking questions about company operations. 

  • Delegating work to team members. 

  • Announcing a new company organization in the workshop. 

  • Talking to your CEO over the phone. 

  • Corresponding with customers about complaints and refund requests.

  • Communicating prices/delivery schedules/payment terms revisions to customers

  • Communicating with a supplier in order to purchase office equipment/stationary. 

  • Being interviewed by newspaper reporters as a public relations manager for your company.  

  • Discussing expense increases with the sales department as a finance department manager. 

  • Reporting on financial statements.   

  • Collaborating with headhunters in order to hire new employees.  

  • Explaining to interviewees about hiring conditions, salaries and job descriptions as a hiring manager. 

  • Explaining your strengths, weaknesses and outside interests as a candidate in an interview.

영국 현지 원어민 인터넷 일대일 영어회화, 영국 현지 네이티브 영어회화, 인터넷 일대일 수업, 1대1 영어회화, 일대일 원어민 회화, 일대일 현지인 회화



Tailoring your English in order to express requests and refusals in an indirect manner leading to the acquisition of high quality business manners needed in the global business arena.



  • Refusing a customer's request. 

  • Refuting an opponent's opinions. 

  • Giving instructions/requests to your team members. 

  • Persuading your bosses and colleagues to agree to your proposals in a meeting. 

  • Reporting on industry trends/competitors status/market research result/analysis data for advertisement effects. 

  • Reporting on quarterly sales revenue. 

  • Reporting on balance sheets.  

  • Discussing patent litigations with a lawyer.

  • Asking customers to settle overdue payments. 

  • Explaining differences in the economy, politics and cultures between neighbouring countries.

  • Explaining cultural differences between Asian/American/European companies in terms of decision making processes.

  • Introducing yourself as a candidate in an interview for part-time work experience/volunteer experience/club activities/internship experiences. 

  • Introducing yourself and your career plans as a candidate in a university interview. 

  • Introducing yourself / your performance / your experiences / your values and your reasons for leaving your previous job in an interview.

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