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This course enables students to learn and practice English without the stress and complications of moving to an English speaking country, instead learning English efficiently from the comfort of their own home directly from a native English speaker.


For students who are intending to study abroad this will also give them a snapshot about what life is like in English speaking countries, helping them to become accustomed to the environment before they move.

영국 현지 원어민 인터넷 일대일 영어회화, 영국 현지 네이티브 영어회화, 인터넷 일대일 수업, 1대1 영어회화, 일대일 원어민 회화, 일대일 현지인 회화



Becoming accustomed to campus life in an English speaking environment.



  • Applying to a school/dormitory. 

  • Registering for courses.

  • Borrowing books from a library. 

  • Registering for a club.

  • Getting your bicycle repaired.

  • Arranging a group study with your friends. 

  • Applying for a part-time job at the library to a library. 

  • Applying for a part-time job in the supermarket. 

  • Talking to the doctor about your stomachache.

  • Talking about your hometown and country to your friends. 

  • Talking about your family and close friends. 

  • Talking about your hobbies and specialties. 

  • Talking about travelling. 

  • Talking about your part-time work experience and whether you liked it. 

영국 현지 원어민 인터넷 일대일 영어회화, 영국 현지 네이티브 영어회화, 인터넷 일대일 수업, 1대1 영어회화, 일대일 원어민 회화, 일대일 현지인 회화



Learning how to express yourself appropriately during lectures and seminars on campus.



  • Expressing your opinions about the current international relationship between countries.

  • Talking about your country's economic status and how it has changed. 

  • Talking about your country's representative companies and products. 

  • Discussing environmental problems and whether they have changed over time.

  • Discussing international relationships and problems in international relationships. 

  • Discussing your country's modernization and inheritance of traditional culture.

  • Discussing your country's sexual equality status and how it has changed. 

  • Talking about university lifestyle in your country. 

영국 현지 원어민 인터넷 일대일 영어회화, 영국 현지 네이티브 영어회화, 인터넷 일대일 수업, 1대1 영어회화, 일대일 원어민 회화, 일대일 현지인 회화



Learning technical or formal language and expressions associated with your major or specialty.



  • Talking about your country's industries and economies and how they have changed.

  • Discussing how musical trends changed after World War 2 to the current contemporary music era. 

  • Talking about how houses differ in different countries according to structure and style. 

  • Discussing how drinking and smoking affects our health. 

  • Discussing differences in industrial structures and economic fundamentals between developed countries and developing countries.  

  • Explaining how art histories have changed and what the differences are.

  • Discussing how the internet changed the world compared to the traditional newspaper dominant era and how the mass media's role has changed in the internet era. 

  • Discussing how the internet affects people's life style and knowledge compared to the time before the internet.

  • Some countries have enforced conscription but some countries manage with the volunteer military system. Discussing what has caused this difference and how the difference affects people's life styles.  

  • Discussing your country's women social and economic activity/contribution to your country and how this compares to those of other countries.  

  • Discussing your country's major industries and its international competitiveness in the global economy.  

  • Discussing your country's education system. 

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