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Speaking & Writing Courses

Speaking Course


Our Speaking course aims to improve the pronunciation and expression skills that are needed in order to achieve high test scores. 


At the same time, students will learn and practice to speak with proper vocabularies and sentences that will optimize their chance of success in a test environment. British teachers will intensively correct spoken English to fit into test patterns and guide students to answer properly from the point of view of test evaluators.


Students can expect both to improve actual test scores as well as to improve the English that they would be able to use in real life situations.

Writing Course


Through the writing course, students can improve their written composition ability as well as their ability to express their opinions logically in order to meet the requirements of the written test.


Once students send the writing to their teachers, the teachers will correct it and guide the student in how to express themselves in a better and more appropriate way.


The teachers will provide feedback both over email and during the next lesson in order to maximize the student’s potential.

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