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This course is for students who are preparing to take the speaking element of English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge.

These lessons are structured in the same manner as the test component and give the student practice at answering similar questions to the ones they will face during their test.


The aim of these sessions is to work on all aspects of speaking e.g. pronunciation, accuracy and fluency in order to optimize the student’s performance during the test.


All teachers are native British English speakers who have a thorough knowledge of all test requirements and work to improve the student’s fluency by adding phrases and expressions commonly heard in the UK.



This writing preparation course is for English writing tests like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge.

The focus of the course is on improving grammar, vocabulary, composition of sentences and essay writing skills.


The student will be asked to submit their assignments straight to their teacher, who will then make corrections, send it back and discuss next step targets during the next class. 

Business English Course


This course is for people who are working in an international business environment and need to speak English in order to communicate efficiently.

Students will learn basic business English communication skills and the high-quality international manners that are a necessity in the global business environment.  


Our British teachers will help students to speak business English correctly and fluently, focusing on the actual English that is spoken in the work environment by practicing role plays of important business situations.


Students will learn how to use indirect expressions to communicate politely and properly which is an important skill in the global business community.

Academic & General English Course


Academic & General English courses are for students who are preparing to study overseas or to live and work in an English-speaking country. 


This course is also ideal for students who are not going overseas but are studying English and would like to study in a manner similar to the one they would be studying in if they were living in an English speaking country.


Students will learn dynamic and relevant British English and will use role plays in order to practice the language that they have learnt.

Children's English Course

The Children’s English course aims at getting children used to an English speaking environment from a very young age in order to maximize their long term language potential.


British English speaking teachers will target the 4 key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing by using a systematic teaching approach, with the aim of increasing confidence, accuracy and fluency.


The aim of this is to provide the children with the necessary language fundamentals in order to eventually be able to compete with native English speakers in the global environment.

Group Lesson Course


This is a group English course for 2~3 students at a time.

Each lesson is 50 minutes long and aims to improve the student's conversational English within the short-term period by practicing grammar and vocabulary that is used in real life and makes conversations sound natural and fluent.


As we are working within a short time period, these lessons are by necessity very intensive and teaching is done in the form of active language coaching.

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